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Small & beautiful

Producers making very special work and offering unique wines with great soul and personality. Not only this but also generousity, love for their piece of land and vision, Open minded characters who are driven by quality, originality and want to reach the perfection to make happy the people drinking the fruit of their work all around the world. 

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Domaine du Chapitre  rhône valley

Property of family Dorthe Domaine du Chapitre is located in Saint-Marcel d'Ardèche... And what a great place for wine producer ! The terroir of Saint-Marcel combines a very interesting variety of soils with a south-eastern exposure to benefit from lower night temperature. Beside dedicating the major part of his production to the bulk guys of the Rhône Valley, Frédéric Dorthe produces a bunch of characterful own cuvées at small scale for a very decent price... 

35 ha
Appellations : Côtes du Rhône - IGP Coteaux d'Ardèche
Main grapes red : syrah, grenache, cinsault, clairette rose
Main grapes white : roussanne, clairette, muscat, viognier, 
Owner : family Dorthe
Winemaker : Frédéric Dorthe


Domaine hautes collines côte d'azur  french riviera

Georges Rasse is an extra-terrestrial. Unlike his neighbours who all sold their piece of land in the 80's, Geoges decided together with his 13 brothers and sisters to maintain the wine production on this stunning property of the French Riviera. The way of making wine is ancestral and unique letting the soft winter UV rays stabilize the wine through transparent jars instead of using sulfites... Tiny wine series locally known as "Vin de Saint-Jeannet" and definitely worth the try ! 

3 ha - organic
Appellation : IGP Alpes-Maritimes
Main grapes red : braquet, grenache, merlot, mourvèdre
Main grapes white : rolle, chardonnay, muscat, viognier
Owner : family Rasse
Winemaker : Georges Rasse


Domaine de sulauze  provence

Karina & Guillaume Lefèvre took over Sulauze in 2004 and converted the vineyard right away to biodynamy. This is their spirit, the way they live, the way they are. Two lovely kids and a few years later the success can not be denied. Not only the iconic rosé Pomponette but also reds, whites and bubbles are wanted all around the world. To convert a local anonymous wine house into such a success story in such little time requires a high dose of skill and intelligence. Congratulations and keep going Karina & Guillaume ! 

27 ha - organic biodynamic
Appellation : Coteaux d'Aix-en-Provence
Main grapes red : syrah, grenache, cabernet sauvignon, mourvèdre, cinsault
Main grapes white : vernentino, clairette, grenache blanc, ugni blanc
Owner : Karina & Guillaume Lefèvre
Winemaker : Guillaume Lefèvre

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domaine des baguiers  provence

Domaine des Baguiers has been owned for over two centuries by the family Jourdan and is one of the last traditional family-run estate in Bandol. The Jourdan know their terroir better than anybody else and keep on improving the winegrowing and winemaking techniques. Claudine knows how to dominate the versatile Mourvèdre and she lets it give the very best reds and rosés of the appellation Bandol.

20 ha
Appellation : Bandol
Main grapes : mourvèdre, grenache, cinsault
Owner : family Jourdan
Winemaker : Claudine Jourdan

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la ferme des 7 lunes  rhône valley

Jean Delobre... don't miss him ! You find here what could be the finest wines in the Nothern Rhône Valley. The old Syrah is planted here on granite soil facing east at 400m of altitude in the tiny village of Bogy... every wine producer would dream of such a situation. Jean Delobre with a high dose of sensibility transforms the grapes into stunning St-Jo's. But not only. Also Gamay, Viognier, Roussanne fall in Jean Delobre magics and finish in our happy thirsty stomaches.

7 ha - organic
Appellation : Saint-Joseph
Main grapes red : syrah, gamay
Main grapes white : roussanne, marsanne, viognier
Owner : Jean Delobre
Winemaker : Jean Delobre

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domaine de rapatel  camargue

Gérard Eyraud... what a dude ! Originally bullfighter before to convert as opera tenor, Gérard nowadays vinifies as a lonesome cowboy on the 20 ha family property by Nîmes. Grenache is here magnified and the rich Rapatel cuvées would easily win at any blind tasting alonside the very best Chateauneuf's. Zero chemicals in the vineyard, zero additives in the cellar, just good ripe healthy grapes and zero sulfites. Enjoy the wines of this outstanding character also known as "Gégé le Camarguais".

20 ha - 0 sulfite wines
Appellation : Vin de France
Main grapes red : syrah, grenache, mourvèdre, carignan
Main grapes white : roussanne, bourboulenc
Owner : family Eyraud
Winemaker : Gérard Eyraud

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CHâTEAU d'ollières  provence

Charles Rouy comes from Burgundy and settled at Château d'Ollières in 2003. The match between Charles and his terroir worked out immediately. At 400m high, the cool nights and the chalky-clay soil allow the production of great Provence wines having a minerality and a balance barely comparable within the Provence region. Charles adds all his know-how and seriousness. The whites and reds are pure and authentic as Provence wines should always be while the rosés have the colour and taste everyone dreams of....

35 ha - sustainable
Appellation : Coteaux Varois en Provence
Main grapes red : grenache, cinsault, syrah, cabernet-sauvignon
Main grapes white : rolle, ugni blanc
Owner : family Rouy
Winemaker : Charles Rouy


big & powerful

Owners of large piece of land, terroir for good wine, Producers with sense and vision. People moved by the essential : to serve good wine affordable for most people in the wine consuming countries around the world. The care for the environment the health of the consumer is also essential in this selection. Not the industrial wine with make up and chemicals, neither a jewel you can't approach unless you count among the elite, just the type of good and healthy wine you need every day.

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Domaine isle saint pierre  camargue

Property of the family Henry since four generations, Isle Saint-Pierre occupies the 200 hectares of a small island in the Rhône river barely 15km away from the Mediterranean. The proximity of the water means that the island enjoys a climate which encourages the grapes to flourish and root in deep, well drained soil comprised of sand and silt. The vineyard is treated using a carefully thought-out protection program, mainly based on the principles of organic growing.

200 ha - "Vignerons Développement Durable" (care for environment and social welfare) 
Appellation : IGP Méditerranée
Main grapes red : merlot, cabernet franc, petit verdot, arinarnoa, carménère
Main grapes white : chardonnay, sauvignon, vermentino, muscat, gewurztraminer
Owner : family Henry
Winemaker : Julien Henry



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Vignobles de ramatuelle  provence

The wine co-op Vignobles de Ramatuelle is managed for many years by former oenologist Gerald Lattugoni. Production reaches 12.000 hl yearly (70% rosé, 20% red, 10% white). The rosé wines of Vignobles de Ramatuelle are regularly the winners in blind-tasting comparing different wine producers in Provence. Especially the fruity and vivid character of the wines is rewarded.

300 ha
Appellation : Côtes de Provence
Main grapes red : tibouren, grenache, cinsault, syrah
Main grapes white : rolle, ugni blanc
Owner (wine co-op) : vignerons de Ramatuelle
Winemaker : Gérald Lattugoni

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domaine les charmettes  languedoc

The family Alcon came to France in the 1930's escaping dictature in Spain. They began as workers in the vineyards and could finally buy a little piece of land after years of hard labour. Four generations later they are now owners of 100 ha around Marseillan near the Thau lake and they haven't lost their spirit of working hard. Now in charge, Eric spends his time to constantly improve the vineyard while Nicolas shows his talent of winemaker in the cellar. Together they don't forget their origins and keep being low profile offering varietal wines of outstanding value.

100 ha
Appellation : IGP Côtes de Thau
Main grapes red : merlot, cabernet sauvignon, grenache, syrah, marselan
Main grapes white : chardonnay, sauvignon, viognier
Owner : family Alcon
Winemaker : Nicolas Alcon

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domaine attilon  camargue

Domaine Attilon is located alongside the Grand Rhône 20km south of Arles and 20km away from the Mediterranean. Renaud and Odile de Roux acquired the property in the early 80's and converted the entire 90ha vineyard to organic farming. They were among the very first to do so. All the wine was sold to bulk guys until their son Brice joined the business a few years ago and impulsed the adventure of bottling the wine of Attilon. After encourageing first steps Attilon is now ready to switch gear and face the busy world of distribution with affordable organic wines of quality.

90 ha - organic
Appellation : IGP Méditerranée
Main grapes red : merlot, cabernet sauvignon, calladoc, marselan, pinot noir
Main grapes white : chardonnay, sauvignon, colombard
Owner : family de Roux
Winemaker : Brice de Roux